The Legacy Project

Wouldn’t it be great if every human being on the face of this earth had only one desire? Which was to leave the world in a better place for the next person than when they first arrived.

How great would it be? To see that everyone was concerned about climate change, education for all, and absolutely no war or nuclear weaponry. At least mother nature would feel cared for and I’m certain we’d all live happier and healthier lives.

But, alas….this scenario is not quite reality. For most of us, we have our own struggles on a micro-level that keep us focused and frazzled.

The goal of this post is to share with you tips to “evening out” your own playing field. Here I provide a few tips to “breathing easier” by making the steps to live your life with love, care, compassion and thoughtfulness.  By all means, I am not an expert. I get it wrong at times – but I am thankful for another day to try again.

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